So – the company that I work for has a conference every year, called “The Orange Conference” (check it out here) and one of the features that we’ve been having for the past few has been something called the “Gallery” – an area of the Gwinnett Arena where we showcase artwork, as well as provide an area for people to rest and feel inspired.  While I am primarily in IT/Systems Administration at work, some people utilize my various other talents in the creative areas, and this past year I was asked to work on some aspects of the gallery.  Planning, discussing, and creating these items was a wonderful experience, and, as always, I take advantage of these opportunities whenever possible!

Geared Clock

First, lets talk about the clocks – there were four of these massive timepieces, and my wife and I worked on them together.  These are constructed from pre-made clock faces (time was short), some awesome gears I got from an Etsy shop (that escapes me at the moment, but I’ll hopefully find it at some point in the future), and a lot of printer parts, wire mesh and liquitex/Montana cans spray paint – the gears are tacked on using a combination of welding and JB-Stick )and in some cases, hot glue!)

As for the hexagons – well, I made over three hundred of the dang things.  They are made out of 1×2 facing boards – about 87 cents apiece for an 8-foot stick.  Each individual Hexagons on Displayhexagon was comprised of 6-inch sides for an overall width (at the widest point) of approximately 12 inches (the more astute of you may notice that it should be exactly 12 inches, but when you use cheap-o wood, anything can happen!).  These eventually were then put together into 3 to 8 hex pieces, which were used at the conference as decorative pieces on the walls, and among the other art.  There were also four very large hexagons that were used as paper airplane targets.  The hexes were stained with a basic Verathane, nothing too exotic!

Check out the gallery below!